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Model: SB6-Easy Plus

The basic plus model for quick use. Lockable roof.

SB6-Easy Plus

All around safe and robust

Our video tower Easy Plus is a quick-to-use all-rounder solution. The Plus model is equipped with lockable roof doors, and climbing protection is already built into all models. There is enough space to store all your electronic devices in the vandal-proof Securitbox. The new SB6 Easy Plus model has two lockable doors.

- “SECURITBOX” lettering can be illuminated

-100% hot-dip galvanized steel construction

-100% hot-dip galvanized telescopic mast

- Mobile unit easy to transport

- Extendable mast up to 6 meters high

- Vandal-proof, very robust

- Stable telescopic mast for CCTV camera, light or other devices

- Mast tip prepared for all devices

- Prefabricated drill extinguisher inside for standardized distribution box assembly

- Prefabricated battery bays, also available with covers

- Safe placement of equipment

-Manual winch

- CE and ISO 9001 certified

- 2 doors lockable

- Lockable roof

- Climbing protection

- Size L/W/H 100 × 100 × 215 cm

- Measures size: 120 × 100 × 80 × 60 cm

- Manual CE tested hand winch 1200 LBS

- Telescopic mast hot-dip galvanized

- Steel structure, 100% hot-dip galvanized

- Doors and walls galvanized and electrostatic paint

- Maximum height 6 meters

- Total weight + - 315 KG empty

- 2 boxes can be stacked on top of each other to save space

- Equipped on all 4 sides with forklift pockets and crane eyes,

  Easy transport with forklift, crane or trailer

- Equipped with 4 extendable stabilizers

- Telescopic mast with automatic stop and safety warning

- Telescopic mast securing

- 4 steel cables to stabilize the mast

- Cable drag chain closed on one side, safe from vandalism

- Assembly extinguisher for standardized distribution boxes

- Maximum load capacity 60 KG on the mast

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The advantages of the Securitbox video tower

Temporary, fast and secure protection

Flexible application options:

Video towers are mobile and can be used flexibly at different locations. This makes them ideal for temporary monitoring needs, construction sites, events or other locations where mobile monitoring is needed.

Fast deployment:

Compared to fixed surveillance systems, video towers can be set up and ready for use quickly. This enables rapid response to changing security requirements or emergencies.

Greater visibility and presence:

The physical presence of a video tower can act as a deterrent to potential intruders. The increased visibility of the tower serves as a visual signal for increased security measures.

Mobile monitoring:

Video towers can be positioned mobile to cover areas with temporary surveillance needs. This is particularly useful in areas where traditional security cameras are not practical.

24/7 Surveillance:

Video towers provide continuous 24/7 surveillance, ensuring a constant security presence.

Versatile sensor technology:

Video towers can be equipped with various sensors such as motion detectors, thermal cameras and other advanced technologies to respond to different security threats.

Cost-effective solution:

Compared to fixed surveillance systems, video towers can provide a cost-effective solution, especially for temporary or changing surveillance needs.

SB 6 Basic

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