In-house production of camera and lighting masts

SEBA Europa GmbH, an established company based in the historic imperial city of Aachen, Germany. Our location at the border triangle, in close proximity to the Netherlands and Belgium, enables us to operate in a central European location.

We, SEBA Europa GmbH, are the first company in Germany to specialize in the development and production of innovative mobile security boxes, video towers and telescopic masts. Our product line includes high-quality security boxes and telescopic masts, which we offer in our own unique design.


About us:

Our company combines office, production and warehouse in one place to ensure efficient processes and seamless supply. The city of Aachen, with its rich history and cultural diversity, forms the inspiring backdrop for our daily commitment to quality and innovation.



Our location at the border triangle not only offers strategic advantages for international trade, but also a unique connection to neighboring countries. This geographical proximity enables us to work closely with customers and partners in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.


Production and warehouse

This is where our high-quality products are made, and our warehouse ensures that orders are processed quickly and efficiently.

We have specialized in the development and production of safety boxes and telescopic masts. All processes such as design, construction, metal construction, galvanizing, powder coating are followed step by step by our employees, the mechanical assembly and final testing are carried out in-house. Engineers and technicians from the fields of metal and electromechanical form part of our team. In the area of safety equipment, we work closely with ARSEC GmbH. We stock a wide range of innovative, versatile, compact and modern towers as tailor-made solutions.

Engagment und Mission:

We are customer-oriented, innovative and sustainably committed to the market. We have a close business network with all brand manufacturers and suppliers of monitoring devices. This enables us to always remain at the cutting edge of technology. We only use the highest quality materials and the latest technologies to guarantee maximum efficiency and minimum costs. We control all production processes such as assembly, quality control and testing internally. The result is a complete and broad product range that optimally meets your company's requirements for every application.

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