SB13 and SB20 Trailer

Easy transport of Securit boxes

Innovative and flexible

videoturm transport

Easy transport of Securit boxes

With this specially developed and user-friendly mobile SECURITBOX trailer you can transport any of the Securitboxes to the desired location.

We have the trailer for one or two box variants in our range. It can be attached to cars and vans. The transporter is a unique transport concept, made of hot-dip galvanized metal on a European chassis with brakes. This trailer is suitable for all European countries and is an essential tool for all Securitbox owners.

Type SB13
- Maximum total weight: 1300 kg
- Trailer weight: 375 kg
- Maximum load: 925 kg
- Dimensions of shop area: 125 x 125 cm
- Braked: Yes
- Hydraulic lifting forks (Manuel)

    Equipped as standard with:
  ° Heavy support wheel
  ° Shock absorber
  ° Wheel chocks
  ° Adjustable forks (width)
  ° Hooks and rails
  °Hot-dip galvanized frame
- Spare wheel
- Storage box
- LED lighting

- color housing,

- Electric hydraulics

- Dyke rope lock.

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Loading and unloading with a trailer anywhere?

Without a crane or forklift?

Thanks to the innovative design, the SECURITBOX trailer can do everything itself! Your flexibility is increased and the SECURITBOX trailer can be used to transport almost all types of pallets, boxes and units.

° Approved in all European countries

° No special driving license required

° No crane or forklift required

° Stable road holding due to the low center of gravity

° Ideal in narrow streets such as city centers

° Easy to maneuver in rough terrain such as construction sites

° Easy to operate by one person

° Many possible applications

videoturm transport

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