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production of camera and lighting masts

We, the SECURITBOX company, are the first company in Germany to specialize in the development and production of innovative mobile security boxes, video towers and telescopic masts. Our product line includes high-quality security boxes and telescopic masts, which we offer in our own unique design.


Quality, innovation, progress...

The best video towers for every project.

Video tower with technology, all-in.

From basic solutions to securing critical infrastructures

Discover outstanding security performance with our bespoke Securitbox video towers, which are fully equipped with first-class technology. With us, you not only get customized solutions, but also the assurance that your security requirements are met with state-of-the-art technology. Rely on our expertise to provide you with a comprehensive security solution that meets your specific needs.

Protect locations

Assets and persons

Securitbox video towers are ideal for accommodating video surveillance, lighting, measuring devices, control units, LED displays and antennas. They can be used for a wide range of applications such as construction site surveillance, events, storage areas, parking lots, industrial areas, solar parks and much more.


The mobile SECURITBOX video tower



Camera tower from Securitbox is designed for surveillance in public spaces, commercial areas, private properties, construction sites, vacant buildings, trade fairs, major events, etc.

The Securitbox video tower offers maximum protection and reduces surveillance costs.

Securitbox video towers can be equipped with customized, state-of-the-art video surveillance technology and optional intruder alarm technology.

The video tower can be used wherever a fixed installation is not possible.

Securitbox video towers are used wherever permanent surveillance by security personnel is uneconomical or not possible.

Securitbox video towers are ideal for mobile and temporary use.

Advertising message

Your personalized advertising,

on all four pages

The Securitbox video tower has a surface area of 1 m x 2 m and allows you to place your advertising for your company. A special highlight of our boxes is the laser-cut "SECURITBOX" lettering. These can be fitted with LED lighting and therefore attract attention from afar.

Securitbox Werbeflächen

Videoturm Werbefläche

Video tower features

The features of the mobile

Securitbox video tower

Securitbox Videoturm

Video tower Features: Steel cables at the top of the mast reduce camera swaying, which leads to false alarms. A cable guide chain is installed up to the top of the mast to protect the cables.

Video tower features: The built-in, 6 meter long, extendable mast with mast head is used for easy installation of CCTV cameras, LED spotlights, antennas and much more.

Video tower features: Personalized advertising space is provided on all four sides of the 2 m Ă— 1 m panels, making the box a great showcase for your business.

Video tower features: Heavy-duty forklift pockets on all four sides and attachment points simplify transportation and on-site deployment.

Video tower features: Vandal resistant! 100% galvanized and very robust steel construction with two doors and four lockable locks that provide secure protection for your electronic equipment inside.

Video tower features: Thanks to the four extendable stabilizers, the mast is stable even in strong winds of up to 85 km/h.


Easy transportation of the Securitbox

Thanks to this specially developed and user-friendly Securitbox trailer, each Securitbox can be transported to the desired location. We have the trailer for transporting one or two boxes in our product range.


International export

Our company produces high-quality video tower and lighting masts. Our master service technicians install state-of-the-art technology to best meet the needs of our customers. Securitbox's activities extend to international markets, especially European countries. With an extensive network of suppliers and customers in various countries, Securitbox has established itself as a reliable partner in the industry. With passion and expertise, we are ready for the future.

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